The Chest Pain Clinic at St. Paul’s Hospital now Open to Community Physicians

We would like to introduce you to the St. Paul’s Heart Centre Chest Pain Clinic.  This inaugural state of the art Chest Pain Clinic is the first in Canada, and modelled from successful similar clinics in the United Kingdom and the United States.  Patients with chest pain possibly due to coronary artery disease are welcome to be referred to this clinic for expedited assessment and care by a cardiologist.  We launched in November 2020, previously only accepting ER referrals.  This has been a success and we are now expanding our services to the community, and to you.

The referral package consists of:

  1. A referral form for referring physicians to fill out and fax to our office (fax: 604-689-4219)
  2. A clinic information sheet to give to the patient
  3. A lab requisition to give to the patient to do before the Chest Pain Clinic visit
  4. A questionnaire for the patient to fill out before the Chest Pain Clinic visit

For more information, please click here.