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Research funding in the Division of Cardiology has increased 34% over the past 5 years and 7% in the past year. For the fiscal 2017-18, 46% of the total research funding came from grants, 28% from clinical trials and remaining 26% from contracts and agreements.

The 5-year publication rate for members of Division of Cardiology is 280 publications per year and an average rate of citations is more than 4000 per year with nearly 20 citations per publication. The division’s publication output is highly impactful with a 5-year average field-weighted citation impact of 2.37. This figure indicates that our publications have achieved more than twice the expected impact relative to the world literature in Cardiology. The majority of high-impact publications in the last 5 years are a result of international collaborations (53%) by Division faculty members.


dr jason andrade

Andrade, Jason

Successful late breaking CIRCA-DOSE trial featured

in the European Heart Rhythm Association Congress news

Humphries, Karin

UBC Faculty of Medicine 2018 Distinguished Researcher Award