Successful “Hot Topics in Cardiology” Event!

In partnership with UBC CPD, the UBC Division of Cardiology successfully held the 18th Annual Hot Topics in Cardiology Virtual Conference. Under the leadership of Dr. Krishnan Ramanathan and Dr. Matthew Bennett, the conference focussed on relevant and timely hot topics surrounding key aspects of management of cardiovascular disease. The conference had over 300 registrants, making this the largest CV knowledge translation event in BC. The meeting was well attended with about 250 people logged in for most of the 9 hour Zoom conference. We had an excellent line up of speakers:

  • Dr. Krish Ramanathan
  • Dr. Jonathon Leipsic
  • Dr. John Mancini
  • Dr. Nadia Khan
  • Dr. Victor Huckell
  • Dr. Teresa Tsang
  • Dr. Brian Clarke
  • Dr. Carolyn Taylor
  • Dr. Mike Diamant
  • Dr. Matt Bennett
  • Dr. Ken Gin
  • Dr. Ali Zentner
  • Dr. Jason Andrade
  • Dr. Christopher Fordyce
  • Dr. Rob Boone
  • Dr. Tara Sedlak
  • Dr. Jasmine Grewal
  • Dr. Mile Marchand

Please join us next year!