A Tour of the St. Paul’s Hospital Chest Pain Clinic and STAT Clinic

Please join us for a tour of the two newest rapid access Cardiology Clinics at St. Paul’s Hospital: The Chest Pain Clinic and the STAT Cardiology Clinic.


The Chest Pain Clinic was created under the leadership of Dr. Annie Chou when she saw a gap in care for lower-risk patients with chest pain presenting to the Emergency Department. Instead of enduring long waits in the Emergency Department, waiting to be seen by the busy on-call Cardiology team (who often have sicker patients to tend to), the rapid access Chest Pain Clinic allows the Emergency Physician to safely discharge lower risk patients, knowing that they will be seen within 48 hours by a cardiologist in the Chest Pain Clinic.




The STAT Cardiology Clinic was implemented several years ago, and further enhanced under the leadership of Dr. Ken Kaila. Similar to the Chest Pain Clinic, this STAT Clinic provides rapid access for patients with all other cardiac symptoms that are discharged from the Emergency Department. They will undergo further testing (for example, with an echocardiogram or a Holter) prior to being seen rapidly by a cardiologist within 2-4 weeks.






With the generous support of the St. Paul’s Hospital Foundation, both the Chest Pain Clinic and the STAT Cardiology Clinic operate out of the Davie Cardiology Clinic, where patients can been seen in a comfortable and quiet environment, rather than in the busy and noisy Emergency Department.

Thank you also to the St. Paul’s Hospital Foundation for highlighting these 2 clinics and for celebrating our successes with us, while supporting us to achieve our goals of improved patient care and access.

Click here to watch the video tour of the Clinics.

Click here if you would like to watch the entire St. Paul’s Foundation Cardiac Virtual Event, which features the video tour of the Clinics as a well as a question and answer period with the cardiologists in the video. Dr. Annie Chou (Chest Pain Clinic Physician Lead), Dr. Ken Kaila (STAT Clinic Physician Lead), and Dr. Sean Virani (Cardiology Division Head at St. Paul’s Hospital) answer audience questions about how to improve your heart health, what signs and symptoms to watch for, and more!