Cardiac Rehabilitation Clinic at VGH

The Syd and Joanne Belzberg Cardiac Rehabilitation Clinic is a comprehensive cardiac rehabilitation and risk-factor reduction program serving men and women who have had a recent heart attack, angina, coronary angioplasty or open heart surgery, and those at risk of developing heart disease. Services include exercise, education and counselling for patients recovering from acute coronary syndrome, PCI, CABG, pacemakers, internal defibrillators, LVAD and heart transplant and for patients with CAD, PVD, CVD, CHF, diabetes, chronic kidney disease, and arrhythmia. After optimization of treatment (usually 6 months), patients are returned to usual GP/specialist for follow-up.

Phone: 604-875-5389
Fax this completed regional referral form to: 604-875-5794

Vancouver General Hospital Gordon and Leslie Diamond Health Care Centre
2775 Laurel Street, 6th floor
Vancouver, BC
V5Z 1M9

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