These rounds will focus on clinical decision-making as distinct from the didactic focus academic portion of rounds.

  1. Highlighting cases with difficult or unusual diagnoses, management issues or unusual presentations of common conditions.
  2. Highlighting pitfalls in management.
  3. Highlighting new technologies/strategies or approach to diseases, using clinical examples.

Clinicians at the level of cardiology trainees (C1 to C3) and above, although clinicians at all levels of training and experience are welcome to attend.


  1. 2 cases will be presented, with possibly one additional show-and-tell (ECG/imaging) if time permits.
  2. The cardiology trainees and subspecialty fellows will be assigned to present cases, by roster supervised by the Chief Cardiology Resident. It is anticipated that the cardiology resident in the CCU will be responsible for one case per week.
  3. Cases will only be presented with the knowledge and consent of the most responsible physician who will also be responsible for overseeing the presentation.
  4. The presentation will include a maximum of 2 presentation slides (excluding graphics) with relevant clinical/investigational data, and if appropriate, a maximum of three didactic slides including data specifically relevant to questions raised or points for illustration.
  5. The names of cases will be submitted to the imaging support services no later than noon on the Tuesday prior to the Thursday presentation. Pertinent questions or issues related to the case will be clearly identified.
  6. Attendings from consulting services will be invited to attend rounds to provide input, when needed or appropriate.
  7. The role of the chairperson will be to direct the presentation and discussion in an active way. Comments or questions from the audience will at all times be directed through the chairperson.
  8. Rounds will begin promptly at 7:15 am, after which time the front doors will be closed, and sign–in sheets removed. It is expected that round attendees will arrive at 7 am to enable a punctual start. The clinical presentation will end by 7.50 am to facilitate a punctual start of the didactic rounds at 8.00 am.
  9. The audiovisual department will be asked to ensure that the audiovisual equipment is set up in time for presentations to begin punctually at 7.15 am. Presenters are requested to arrive no later than 7.05 in order to have their presentations uploaded onto the designated laptop, which has network/imaging access – other computers will not be able to be used, because of network requirements and in order to avoid delay between presentations.

BH, June 2016

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